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Angel Kosev began his music career as an Audio and Sound Engineer in 1993 at the Mozart Studio in Skopje, Macedonia. Thereafter he continued with his profession as a teacher at the Hristijan Todorovski Primary School in Skopje. Following his achievements, the music group DD Synthesis hired Mr. Kosev to work on multiple albums as a co-
producer; “Let God Smite Him”, “DVD 10 Years Synthesis”, etc…
Due to his unquestionable talent, Angel Kosev has recorded and produced many Musical Festivals; Tetovski Folk-Fest
(2005, 2006, and 2007), Dou La Mouche, Skopje Jazz Sessions 2006, etc…
Furthermore, he has also worked with some of Macedonia’s most recognized folk and pop artists; Blagoja Gruevski,
Karolina Goceva, Maria Jazz Trio, Suzana Jovcheva, music group “Journal, and many many more.
On another note, Mr. Kosev has his own music studio, “Basement”, where most of Macedonia’s music elite comes to
complete the work on their albums and/or singles.
Angel Kosev received his Bachelor of Music Theory in Performance and Music Composition at Sts. Cyril and Methodius
University, in Skopje.

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